Van Halen Concord 7/9/15

So I gotta start this off by saying I had no intention of seeing this show, Van Halen is my all time favorite , first show I ever saw at 15 in 1981, seen countless times since then over the years .

 Reason wasn't going to go is , first off last few times I saw them Diamond Dave had rearranged the songs , changed tune & words & really messed up almost all the songs , I saw cover bands sing 'em the original way & honestly enjoyed them better. Secondly I saw their performance on the Ellen DeGeneres show & was appalled & embarrassed for them, David lee Roth especially. Was just a horrid performance , he looked & sounded terrible, aside from awkwardly moving about?? Also had bandage on his nose where had hit himself in the face with microphone during a previous late night performance ???

 Two days before this show we were in concord for Marilyn Manson & smashing pumpkins , Dj on radio was talking about what a great performance they just did somewhere else, list of songs rarely or never played so I was intrigued. we walked over to box office from our car while tailgating to see what tickets were available . In true super lucky superfan fashion there were tickets in the 3rd row ??? From venue face value 2 days before show? Are you kidding me?

  Needless to say we bought them & did not regret it for a second . What an amazing show. The set list was off the hook amazing ( see below _ yes super lucky again) ;-) They sounded great , Wolfgang was fun to but no mikey bu any means - we miss you Mikey !!! Eddie looked & sounded great , hopefully has all his demons behind hime & we will get some more new music in future ? Alex as always pounded heck out of another over the top amazing drum kit !!

  And another great thing about show, they played all the songs the original way , I guess since such a diverse set list of songs the rarely or never play, had to. I'm very happy about that , so great!!

  So glad went and saw them , another great memory to add to a lifetime of killer Van Halen shows .

 Thanks so much guys !!!!