OMG what a dream night , weekend really !!

This is how we topped off an amazing weekend in Las Vegas . Came for the Nascar races & found a great show every night .

  Lita was amazing as always , such a great guitar player , still has great voice & lookin good as well. Her band was very good & they gave a headline show as the opener, worth the money before Ace even came out !

 Ace was a check off my bucketlist , and a giant check, always been a kiss fan since 9 years old, first time ever got to see him, and he didn't disappoint. Still every bit as good as he ever was, and love the smoking guitar !!

  Didn't get the set list but those guys deserved it !! At least got a picture of it.

Ace Frehley w/ Lita Ford Brooklyn Bowl , Las Vegas , Nv. 3/6/16