Metallica / Cage the Elephant

Yay Metallica ! One of our favorites all time !! For local band don't seem to get to see them very much lol.

 Never miss an opportunity & the never disappoint , super fun show.  Cage the Elephant were good too but felt bad for them , not their crowd & they were tough on them :-( too bad people gotta be that way. They rocked it though & I got my out for them to come around again .

 Thought were taking a chance having out door show in early February but weather was nice, was an amazing giant stage they assembled in center field , super happy left general admission, had a great vantage point, crowd was nice, made lots of friends all around & looked like everyone was having fun & minimal trouble all around.

 They played all the hits, were super lucky to get set list & you can see what they played down below.

 Cant wait for either of these bands to come around again , see ya there !!!!

Yay metallica!! one of our favorites ! And at home in SF , seems rare anymore lol .

  Another great show, Sounded great , played most the good stuff , see set-list , so friggin lucky again.

 Cage the elephant rocked it  & look forward to seeing more of them. Too bad crowd was so tough on them , just different type music . That being said appeared everyone got along & we had a freindly time all around down on field .

 Glad weather held out , was worried about outside early February.

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