Slash w/ Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators


7/30/2014 the Forum

8/13/2014 Fillmore

So this is a funny story , went to LA to see aerosmith & Slash , they were coming to Nor cal but my work schedule interfered , plus was day after my birthday so why not !!

 We had seats in lower section off the floor to left of stage. Slash , Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators were amazing . For some reason the crowd did not appear to be into them? We were the only two standing that we could see, not a soul on the floor ?? we were dancing in the aisle having a great time , Frank & Todd saw us & hung out on our side & played up to us some. was super cool . We love Myles , he & the boys did not disappoint , played G&R songs better than Axel far as I'm concerned. Slash was incredible as always , Amazing show man & just mesmerizing with his guitar . Worth the money for the trip right there !

  Good thing too , cant put my finger on it , but just couldn't get into Aerosmith ? got super tired , wanted to sit ( alien concept to me usually?) . was bored & kept finding myself looking at tv screen versus band right in front of us. Everyone looked good , sounded good , played all the greats , just something missing from their live performance ? Was kinda laughing that Steven Tyler looked like Jack Sparrow from pirates of the Caribbean , Then low & behold Johnny Depp joins them on stage w/ a guitar . So must of loaned him his wardrobe person ? Feathers in hair , long dangly clothes, was really funny to see . Over all was good show & glad got to see both bands .

 So on the drive back to Nor Cal I joked about going to concord to see slash again & leaving when aerosmith came on ( I had to work that night so could of pulled it off I thought )

 As it turned out - unfortunately Aerosmith Drummer got sick & they had to cancel day of show , Slash & the gang were here & must of really wanted to play , they set up a show at the Fillmore that night , announced in morning & sold out immediately ! I was super lucky & got 2 tickets ! Even more lucky to get right up to right side of stage & hung out under slash all night ! What a show , they were all amazing & was so happy to be able to see from up close . Was an amazing set & had a great time . So Lucky !! ( and made it to work on time after dropping my date off - long ass day tho lol

  Side note - few months later went to Kirk Von Hammets fear fest evil & was able to get slash's autograph on ticket stub from Fillmore show, seen in frame I put together . Also the poster in frame is from a show that never happened ...

Cant wait til next time Slash comes around , I'll be there for sure ! 

( Not necessarily G&R show tho lol )