Black Mongoose

I know I always say can't believe how lucky we are but OMG ! This for sure was one of those extremely lucky times , especially considering it didn't look like was even going to happen.

  This was part of my annual Nascar weekend , and originally this was supposed to be Glen Hughes of Deep Purple ,but he had knee surgery & had to postpone until September.

 Fortunately Doug Aldrich still got some guys & gave us a helluva show , for free on top of that . God we were so happy to see one of our top 5 fav guitarists up close in a tiny venue , a bar  really !!

 And what a group of guys , friggin Francesco DiCosmo on bass & vocals , and Brian Tichy on drums. Also Vinny Paul made a guest appearance on drums for a couple songs, Andrew freeman (Last in Line) sang a couple, Christian Brady from Hell Yeah,   . Truly an all star line-up drawing from such great bands as Whitesnake , Billy Idol, Dio , Thin Lizzy , Foreigner , Pantera !!!!

 And what a set list , between classic rock, hard rock, heavy metal they performed flawlessly and with apparent ease . Songs were stretched out with amazing jams & solos, Doug Aldrich showed why he is probably the most under-rated guitarist out there. They seemed to be enjoying themselves as much as us, which was seemingly impossible! What a crazy awesome treat. They played for over 2 1/2 hours despite not starting until almost 11 pm .

 Everyone was extremely gracious & came out on floor after show, posed for pics & mingled with us disbelieving fans.

 What a night , we see a lot of shows, it will be tough to top this one !! never happen for that price LOL .

 Thanks guys , if we ever see y'all are playing again we will be first in line !!!!