Van " The Man " Morrison

Guess have to start off with , this was the 2nd time ever screwed over by craigslist, and I've scored hundreds of tickets . First time just before show time tho. This was a pricey show , I tried to find a deal for a week & figured we weren't going . Last day - wed , made a deal for mid back orchestra tickets , both sides expressed solid deal & felt more comfortable than usual when took off. Charlie from freemont (and I should put you phone #!!) never showed , so after giving up & going to venue and scoring tix from scalpers , we missed the beginning , not sure how much but van was already playing . And we were up in the mezzanine , I guess we are getting spoiled, Got a few pics but very far away . The close up shots here I got off the craigslist ads lol .

 The show was amazing & its hard to believe how good Van sounded , the variety of instruments he plays , and how great he looked . He appears to of found the fountain of youth.

  He had a great band , loved the variety of instruments , and the versatility of the players . The keyboard guy had a trumpet he played as frequently as the keyboard and an old school organ. We just love that old school deep purple sounding organ !!

 Another disappointment was to find out the fox did not have a standing area , we started off on side in aisle but they made us go to our seats , we tried explain that we didn't wanna stand in front of some one & her response was _ this is a sit down show. WTF ? never heard of such a thing . Well similar - people sitting at beach concert of Y&T crying about standing ?? Anybody knows me I'm not a sit down patron lol .

For the record we went to our seats & we did not stand in front of anyone , I about broke my seat but remained in it lol .

  We heard Shana - Van's daughter was supposed to open , not sure if happened . We expected to see all of Van , so as timing went doesn't appear there was time for her to play first ?  If anyone should know and would like to email me , I will update here , as well as any better pictures ? Ill be happy to give credit :-)

  We asked about setlist & they said there wasn't one , that Van just calls out what he wants :-)

RockStar Date - January 20th , 2016

The Fox Theater      Oakland , Ca.

Van  Morrison