Where do I start ? An amazing , visually & musically spectactular show ! But first was one of the weirdest things ever saw  too. Maynard is far from your typical front man , actually never was in front at all. Only his silhouette was visible , and he was wearing some strange suit & had something on his back. ( If you look closely in some of the pics you can see him to the left of drums )  He was strategically out of the light & at back of stage the entire show. Even at the end when the band came forward & bowed good night, he had already slipped down the stairs stage left & was gone ??

  That being said , he & the guys put on an amazing performance , they sounded great & the video images , light laser show was second to none . Really over the top ! Again something different than most shows that employ video, there was not one shot of them playing or even goofing around. All were crazy freaky videos , colors , shapes , freaks , trippy scenes , all to dazzle your senses. A little like I imagine the electric Kool-Aid acid tests were back in the sixties . :-)

  We had a long frazzled day working & arrived late , missed 3 teeth completely. was intermission, looked inside floor area was tightly packed all the way to the rear doors . We decided to go upstairs for a minute & see if there were any light/open areas on the floor - usually somewhere. But not this time , show was sold out in seconds , so no surprise. we walked along rail above lower section & saw people standing edge of aisle and a nice open spot. Ended up being perfect , had plenty of room to move around , unobstructed view , weren't that far from stage . And honestly with the big show would of probably missed it if up front as usual.

  Also had to be at work at 3 am so were able to escape fairly quickly afterwards , one of few times didn't go after any bonuses. And another show the next night lol         

RockStar Date - January 6th , 2016

Bill Graham Civic     San Francisco , Ca.

Tool , 3 Teeth


The  Players

Justin Chancellor - Bass

Adam Jones - Guitar

Danny Carey - Drums

Maynard James Keenan - Lead Vocals