Seeing Lemmy and motorhead was a bucketlist show for me. They sounded great & played an awesome set! We expected loud & were not disappointed! ;-)  We hoped Lemmy was healthy & again were happy. He sang & yelled as only Lemmy can. Loved the thump of that bass , was surreal , Upfront and there he was right there, just a few feet away.  Great to see Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee , All looked like they were having a great time & really rocked every song . Ace of spades was a highlight but I can't say was the best because it was all incredible!

 Saxon had a great set too , really got the night going. was a trip down memory lane on a couple songs. Denim & Leather was great encore and ended them on a high note ! We were fortunate to get their set-list. :-)

   I'd like to add that I am Very happy they came to a small venue like the Warfield , We love the upclose & personal over a stadium anyday. I'm sure they could of made more money in a bigger venue , but whatever their reason, We are truly grateful. Thank You Guys!! And Thank you Warfield for continuing to bring us such great shows !!

RockStar Date - August 24th, 2015

The Warfield      San Francisco , Ca.

Motorhead , Saxon

RIP Lemmy - Godfather of Heavy Metal