The Players

Mike Portnoy - Drums - Winery Dogs/Dream Theater/more...

Dave Ellefson - Bass -Megadeath

Phil Demmel - Guitar- Machine Head

Mark Menghi - Bass

Mark Osegueda - Vocals Death Angel

Troy Sanders -Bass/Vocals - Mastadon

Adam Duce - Bass - Machine Head

Alex Skolnick - Guitar - Testament

RockStar Date - January 10th , 2016

The Regency      San Francisco , Ca.

Metal Allegiance ,

This ranks up there as one of the best shows ever!!! Which makes me wonder, where the heck was everybody ??? The Regency isn't that big but it wasn't even half full? I felt a little bad for the band but they didn't seem to mind . Hopefully this wasn't typical of their tour ? This was the last night & they gave us one hellluva show. The cast of players was incredible & an amazing setlist. They played a lot of their favorites & influences , as well as some of their own songs .

  Again were able be right up front , and had Phil & David right in front of us most of the night . There was more than 10 people playing at once a lot of the time, hard to see it all or choose where to look . Being big bass fans, was way cool to see 3 or 4 bass players at once - and playing the heavy thump of Motorhead was an awesome tribute. We recently saw Machine Head and felt a special connection with phil. Dave is next month & we were laying the groundwork for that next time lol .

Very cool see troy from mastodon again as well , they opened for Judas Priest last time around .  

  I didn't know Death Angel before but after Mark's amazing performance , they are on our radar & for sure we will be there when they come around. He also was one of the nicest guys ever, came down off the stage , even though wasn't easy , so Lisa could get a pic with him . Also only 2nd time ever I've seen band member pull up set lists & give to fans , I was super lucky that he gave one to me !!  (other time was Jerry from Misfits )

  Portnoy was amazing as ever & except for a brief moment was the only constant throughout the show , he is one high energy guy . Also had recently seen him w/ the Winery Dogs , hard interact tho with him hiding behind that awesome set of drums. :-)

  Mark M. was credited for organizing this group & I give a million thanks for doing so , can't say enough what an amazing show it was. And it was his birthday that night and got a little cake on him , Happy Bday Bro!

  This was truly a super group , We are so thankful they all took the time to do this aside from their regular bands , all looked like they were having a great time and was a lot of mutual respect and a few humbling moments . We also got one of David's and one of Phil's picks .  

  There were two openers, we missed the first - Doll skins , saw them at the t-shirt stand , young girls , popular with the people , wish we would of saw them play . Cage was the second band & they were really good . The singer looked like he  had an old Rob Halford outfit & a similar style of singing . The guitarist in front of us was the second biggest  guy ever seen play guitar next to Doyle.:-) Lisa got one of his picks .

Metal Allegiance