January 2016

We feel like the luckiest fans ever , We were fortunate to see 74 shows in 2015, saw some incredible musicians doing amazing things, and had some super fun adventures along the way . People tell us all the time we need to share our fun, This is our attempt, Hope you enjoy .

 The hopes are to have a table of contents featuring all of our rock-star-dates, find a show, view pictures & short video clips , set-list ( sometimes we are lucky enough to get , sometimes take a picture of it , or piece together one from footage ?)   If we're really lucky to get any guitar picks or drum sticks I like to make displays of them & will include pictures as well.

 Quite often something happens to make the show even more special & we shall try & capture those moments with brief stories or pictures. For example the time we drove 600 miles to LA to see rush from the nosebleed seats , as walking in couple minutes before showtime , upgraded our tickets in parking lot to floor seats , our total price was approx. half what face value was on the ticket.

 Did I mention that we have learned to do this relatively inexpensively , usually pay less than others & have more fun than anyone else ! Sounds like another section- tips on maximizing fun/ minimizing dollars  ! :-)  

 Maybe in the future other fans can add their own pics, possibly share or buy pics?

  Also we will have a schedule of any shows we know of and use that as a running list of our shows we attend & plan on attending. Please send an email with any dates to include on we will do our best to keep it current . We live in the North bay ( San Francisco area) so that is the bulk of our shows , we'll include dream shows in far off places & sometimes make a couple with a little luck. lol We do travel the state & have at least 3 shows in LA already scheduled for 2016 ! Wahoo ! Cant wait :-) 

 For now its all in the name of fun & we shall see what happens ,

      Life is good !! Enjoy ,

                                      Dan   Superfan ! 

Update January 2017

So it's been a year now, hasn't gone exactly as planned . Feel bad haven't had the time to keep up with show reviews etc. Was a crazy year and I got in 103 shows in 2016 ! Really was an amazing year and saw some incredible things. :-)

 I somewhat was able to maintain the schedule , and have 2017 schedule in full swing with almost 100 shows already listed . Going to be another great year I can see !

 Also in October I started posting clips on you tube , I have done ok keeping up with current shows & went back a little to some previous shows , only a month so far to early September but my plan is to post all I have all the way back into 2015 I hope. I'm learning and not sure yet how to link these but my channel is called "Dan" I believe ? might get you there as well? Currently there are over 600 videos posted ! Said was a crazy year .

 Can't pick a favorite show but a highlight had to of been going back to New York for the Rock-n-Roll Induction ceremony . What an honor it was to witness these deserving bands finally achieve the recognition they deserved . We also got the ultimate set-list from this ultimate show. it's a book describing the entire event from start to finish , who was on stage , what instrument playing, who sang which parts, what was on each of the many video screens, the whole nine yards of the evening captured.  Also few cheap trick guitar picks with 2016 HOF on them , Amazing really considering it was $10,000 a head to seat on the arena floor , and we had nose bleed seats. :-) Super luck continues :-)

 Hope we see some more of ya out there enjoy some great live music .

Rock on, Dan