I have to start out here by saying I can't help but feel a little guilty about Scott's passing . The social hall is a very small venue & we were right up against stage center, as soon as Scott came out we looked at each other and commented on how wasted he looked .  Feel like there should of been someone to tell & get him help. :-(

 He performed well, looked a little ragged physically but still had his moves . Not sure if that explains the lighting but pictures didn't come out the best even from upclose. His sound was turned way down tho & even being right against stage we couldn't hear him . We heard people behind us all night asking to turn up his mic. Even with megaphone was hard to understand him.  We talked to the sound guy after & he blamed it on the acoustics of the building. The ceiling does have a bad shape for sound but the music sounded great, just no vocals. We were glad to go & was a great show, but figured that was last time we'd see him . Not even imagining this end , but that maybe he didn't have his voice anymore ? Poor guy , was such a great frontman and glad I got to see him a few times . Hopefully you are resting & finally found some peace.

  We did have good interactions including, Lisa hearted him with her hands & he put down his drink & hearted the whole crowd back.

 The band was great , they were spot on , & really made up for the lack of vocals. They rocked it! We lucked out again & got the setlist.

 Over all for first visit to the social hall we enjoyed it , big fans of general admission & small venues . Need to go again tho & verify acoustics situation lol.

RockStar Date -  November 1st 2015

The Social Hall    San Francisco , Ca.  

Scott Weiland & the Wildabouts

RIP Scott ! Tragic Loss of a talented tortured soul .